Friendite - Safety tips

We are constantly working hard to make fun for all our members while also maintaining a high level of safety and privacy on our website. However, the vast majority of our members, let's say 98%, are truly genuine people looking for true love. As a result, it is critical that you are aware of the less than 2% of predators, fraudsters, and liars that might be on the site. We've put together a list of guidelines to keep you safe from these unwanted contacts.

List Of Guidelines

1. Take your time when sharing personal information.
Give out your phone number or any personal details only when you feel compelled to.

2. Keep the chat and conversation on this website for a while.
Try to keep the conversation on this site, this allows you to get to know each other a lot better before sharing your contact details... Never accept to communicate with someone via their private email address, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, any email at all. This is a classic scammer's trick.

3. Do not publish your contact information on your profile.
You should never publish your phone number or any contact details on your profile page, for example (adding your telephone number, email address, residence address, Facebook, Instagram, etc. ) This is not a good idea.

4. Ask questions, while chatting.
Ask lots of questions and watch out for inconsistencies in his/her responses.

5. The answer should be NO.

Avoid members who will not accept no for an answer or who will press you for just about any type of private information.

6. Never send money to someone you met online.
Be wary of anyone who claims he or she needs money urgently because a family member is ill, they were in an accident, or their vehicle broke down. This is a classic scammer's trick. You should never send your hard-earned cash to somebody you met online or on a dating site without first getting to know them very well, whether in Nigeria or abroad.

7. Report Scammers
If someone starts asking you to send him/her money for any reason, do not do so; it is a scam. Alternatively, please notify us right away.

8. Meet in a public place for your First Date.
Meet in a public place and make sure you can arrange your own personal transportation to and from the venue of the first date.

9. Inform a friend of Yours about your date
When going on your first date, notify a friend where you're going and ask them to check on you later.

10. Be very smart

Using your own sound judgment is your best bet because you're ultimately responsible for your own private dating life. Trust your instincts and enjoy yourself with the right man or woman.