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How Does work?
What distinguishes a VIP member from a basic member?
Is the site free to use? Do I have to pay to use it?
Why am I unable to message other members?
Are my personal data secure?
Does the website censor stuff that is not allowed?
Login Help
I lost my login information. Is there a way to get them back?
Can my password be changed?
Profile Help
Why is it necessary for me to create a profile before using the website?
Is setting up a profile free?
How can my profile be edited?
Can I change my username, password, or email address?
Can I hide from other members?
Can my profile be deleted?
How do I add a photo to my profile?
Do I need to take any action in order for my photo to appear on my profile?
What steps are involved in uploading photos?
Why has my profile page image vanished?
How do I conduct a site search for other users?
Can I use the search form to perform a username search?
Why is my search query not returning any results?
The meaning of a "Match"
How do I narrow my search results?
How do I add ratings and likes?
After recording, how do I view my likes and ratings?
What are the procedures for editing ratings or likes?
I need help contacting other members of the site.
Will writing to other members make my information public?
How can I respond to a recent message that a fellow member sent?
Do I need to upgrade to VIP status before I may receive messages?
Can I get messages in a mailbox other than my primary one?
How can I stop someone from messaging me?
How much does it cost to subscribe to a VIP?
How does the payment procedure work?
How secure is the site where I entered my credit card information?
What will be listed on the statement of my account?
Is the VIP membership renewed automatically?
I haven't utilized my VIP subscription, but I still want to delete my account. Will I be fully refunded?
After my VIP subscription expires, will my profile still be available on the website?
Answer Section: General Help
How does Friendite work?
The Friendite dating service is a secure online dating site that helps you find and interact with other people interested in dating and relationships. To create your profile, you must use an alias as your username, then fill in the required information and the type of people you want to connect with. Other members can see your profile as well. Simply send a message through their profile to contact someone. In their message box, the recipient will see the sender's message as well as the sender's username. However, the sender's real name and email address remain unknown. Likewise, the sender cannot see the recipient's email address or real name. When both the sender and the receiver believe it is appropriate, they can share their full names and email addresses. However, it is recommended that you follow our online dating safety tips. Learn more about how an interracial dating service works.
What is the difference between a basic member and a VIP member?
A basic member is anyone who creates a profile on the website. However, in order to reply to messages to other site members, you must be a paying subscriber or a VIP member.
Is it a Free site? Must I pay to use it?
There are no membership fees. Becoming a member is completely free. Many features of the site are available to site members. VIP members' messages can be replied to by free members. Only a paying subscriber or a VIP member, however, can send or initiate a conversation with other members. It's simple to become a VIP member. Our subscription fees are extremely low. Learn more about our subscription rates by clicking here.
Why can't I send messages?
You cannot initiate conversations as a basic member. Only VIP members can send messages to other members, but you can respond to messages sent to you by VIP members as a basic member. To become a VIP, please see our subscription packages.
Is my privacy ensured or secured?
Without a doubt! Your personal information is not accessible to other site members. Furthermore, without your permission, the site will not use this data for any other purpose. Please visit our privacy page to learn more about our policy.
Does the site censor prohibited content?
Yes, however, the site has the authority to delete, hide, or modify profiles that violate our policies. The following are some of the reasons why a profile becomes inappropriate: When a user's profile includes contact information such as Skype, email, home addresses, phone numbers, and so on. An illegal profile, such as one owned by a member under the age of 18 or seeking contact with people in this age group. Profiles indicate that the owner is a racist or that he or she is disparaging other religions or ethnic groups. More information can be found in our terms of service.
Answer Section – Login Help
I forgot my login details. Is there any way to recover them?
Yes, users can recover their login information. On the login page, look for the "Lost Password" link. Click it and enter the email address you used to sign up. Following that, you will receive an email with instructions on how to change your password. If you signed up through a social networking site, click the appropriate button. And your issue will be resolved.
Can I change my password?
You can actually, change your password. Change it on the "My Settings" page of your Account.
Answer Section - Profile Help
Why must I set up a profile before being able to use the site?
Before creating your profile, you can search and browse other members. To see the complete profiles of other members, you must first create your own profile. Furthermore, membership is free.
Is it free to create a profile?
Yes, there are no fees to create a profile, but you must be a VIP to reply to messages from other members.
How can I edit my profile?
Click on "Edit Profile" under your profile picture and follow the instructions.
Is it possible to change my Email, Password, or My user name?
Yes, it's possible. You can do this by going to your profile's "My Settings" page and editing it.
Can I hide my profile from the public?
Yes. On your profile, click the "Online now" button. Change the visibility setting to "hidden." This can be undone at any time. Simply return it to "visible." But this can only be done by VIP members.
Can I delete my profile?
Yes, you can get rid of it. Navigate to your Account's "My Settings" page. Click the Delete My Profile link. It is located near the bottom of the page. Please bear in mind that this process is irreversible. When you delete your profile, all of your data is removed from the site. Furthermore, if you are a VIP with time remaining on your subscription, this action will erase everything on your profile. You will not receive a refund.
Answer Section: PHOTO HELP
How can I upload a photo on my profile?
In the "My Photos" section, there is a guideline for uploading photos. Simply follow the directions.
Do I need to do anything to make my photo appear on my profile?
No, you are not required to do anything. When you submit photos, our customer service team will review them. If they are approved, they will automatically become public. This also applies to existing images. When you change your primary image, it must be approved by our customer support team before it is made public. The typical approval time is 24 hours or less. However, it may take a little longer on weekends or during periods of high workload.
Is there any requirement for photo upload?
Yes, you must adhere to certain specifications or formats. You can upload any photo in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, or GIF. There are no size restrictions, but the file must be at least 8192 kb in size. Please read the guidelines in "My Photos."
Why did my profile photo disappear?
This is due to a variety of factors. If your photo does not meet our standard criteria or if it contains copyrighted material, it will be removed. For example, a photograph of a public figure or a cartoon character.
Answer Section - SEARCH HELP
How can I search for members on-site?
If you want a quick and easy search, go to "Search" and enter your criteria. Continue by clicking "Submit." Use the "Advanced search" tab for advanced search.
Can I search for a user by the user's name?
Yes. It's so simple. Use the "Search User by Name" option. Type in the desired username of the member you're looking for and press the Submit button.
Why is there no result for my search query?
If you're not getting any results, it's possible that your search criteria are too narrow. You should relax your requirements a little. Set a broader age range, for example. And if you search for a 24-year-old, blue-eyed, blonde, non-smoking female living in Brooklyn looking for a long-term relationship, you might not get any results.
What is a “Match”?
When you create your profile, you can specify the kind of individuals you want to date. Any two profiles that meet the same accepted standards are referred to as a "MATCH." Our matching engine employs a two-way matching algorithm. You will only view the profiles of people who are your "MATCH" in this manner.
How can I refine my searches?
When creating your profile, avoid revealing too much information about your ideal partner. For example, mentioning the age limit of 18 to 80 and living anywhere in the world is not a good practice. Always prioritize your criteria for your partner.
How can I add like or ratings?
Go to the user's profile and you'll see the "like and Rating" feature described at the bottom of the block of their pictures.
How can I view my likes and ratings after recording?
It's a straightforward procedure. Log in to your account. Go to "Find" and then "More." Finally, choose "like" or "ratings."
What are the steps to edit alike or ratings?
Follow these steps if you want to change or modify the ratings. Navigate to the user's profile. Scroll all the way down to their picture block. There will be an "edit like" button there. Click on it. If you want to delete it, select "delete." If you want to change it, select "modify." If you want to change the rating, first click on the number of stars and then on the number of stars you want to give. You can also change the ratings by pressing the space bar. Click in the space provided before the first star. The entire rating will be removed.
How do I contact other members?
It's simple. Every member's profile includes the option to "Send a message." Click the link to contact a member. ("Deliver message") There will be a box appearing. Enter your message and press the send button.
Will contacting other members, make my details visible?
No way, no how. When you send a message to other members, only the receiver sees your username, message, and a brief instruction note on how to respond. Read our privacy statement for more information.
How can I reply to a recent message from another member?
When someone sends you a message, you will receive an email. There is a link in the email that will take you to their profile. There is an option to reply to them on their profile. To send a reply message, click on that link. Only a VIP member, however, can initiate contact or send a message.
Do I have to be a VIP or a subscriber to receive messages?
No, a member can receive messages from a VIP member or a paying subscriber. You can also respond to that message without being a VIP member or paying a subscriber.
Can I receive my messages in another mailbox apart from my regular mailbox?
You can set up a free web-based email account that uses a service like Yahoo or Gmail. After that, create a new email address. Use it when creating your profile. However, keep in mind that these free email services may have flaws. In addition, if you do not check your account due to potential flaws in these free services, your account may be disabled. You will lose all of your emails due to your inactivity.
If this continues for an extended period of time, your profile may be removed from our database.
How can I stop a member from messaging me?
To block them, click the "Block him" or "Block her" link just below their profile photo. This will obstruct them. They will no longer be able to contact you unless you consider removing the block or unblocking them.
How much does it cost to become a VIP member?
Our prices are very reasonable and affordable. If you want a quick explanation, go to the subscription page; various options are available.
How do I make a payment to become a VIP member?
We offer a very secure payment system via Paypal, Stripe, and other major credit card processors.
How secure is my credit card information on the Interracial Single site?
It is extremely secure and safe. In order to process credit card payments, we use the Paypal gateway or Stripe. They are highly reputable payment processing and transaction companies. It will offer you the best security. Furthermore, has no access to your credit card information. Credit card payment processing companies handle it.
What will be mentioned on my credit card statement?
It will be displayed as a "Purchase" from or NCS DATING LTD
Is the VIP membership subscription automatically renewed?
Yes, your VIP subscription will be renewed automatically. If, on the other hand, you purchased the subscription as a gift for someone, you will not be charged. You will not be billed automatically if you cancel the auto subscription just before the renewal date. You can cancel the auto subscription by going to your account's "My Settings" page and clicking on the subscription details link.
I wish to delete my account, but I have not used my subscription. Will I get a refund?
You will end up losing your subscription if you cancel your account. There is also no refund.
Will my profile still be there on the website after the subscription expires? Yes, but you will not be able to use the services available to subscribers or VIP Members.