Friendite - About is an online dating site that helps you meet people in your city, State, or anywhere in Nigeria and around the world, and is a safe and secure Nigerian dating site with thousands of registered users and counting...

Friendite's vision is to constantly provide a secure and comfortable platform where single men and women can interact, form relationships, and make lasting friends. To do this, we always strive to meet our member's comfort needs as well as keep them up to date with events happening around them in the best possible way.

Friendite is a dating and social networking website that connects single men and women looking to meet other singles in their area. Why is this important? Too many of us, especially young people, spend hours online making connections and never take those connections beyond the keyboard. We want to help you take those connections to the next level, so you and your friends/dates can meet each other outside of the chat room if you wish.

We don't want you to struggle anymore looking for a partner. We want you to be able to go on dates with people who are serious about getting to know you, not just looking for a quick fling. That's why we created as a mature dating site for mature singles.

Our vision is to make the world a friendlier place by connecting people in a mutually beneficial way. We believe that it's time to create a network of friends, bridge the gap, and understand each other's culture for us to become one big nation.

We offer a simple dating platform with a friendly environment and user-friendliness. This means that our users can easily make friends, form relationships, and eventually find their soulmates easily.

Friendite is a cool place to hang out and make cool friends while enjoying the simplicity of the interface. We are committed to helping as many people connect and build meaningful relationships, through our cutting-edge dating features.

We are one of the leading dating, relationship, and marriage sites in Nigeria and Africa. We solve the gap between cultures of Nigeria through relationships and marriages by using technology to bring love, respect, and understanding to Nigerians and African people in general, in a fun, loving, and responsible way.